January 24, 2022

Refer to Auto Transport Terminology

The glossary of auto transportation terms is a list of terms that are used in auto transport. This glossary will help you to get more information about shipping. This glossary will help you make the right decision about how to transport your vehicle to its destination. Let’s now look at some glossaries that auto transporters use.

  1. Auto rack: An auto rack is a multi-level rail car used to transport vehicles. Auto racks can hold approximately 20 cars on each deck. These specially-designed cars have metal side panels and end doors to protect the vehicles during transport. For transporting SUVs and trucks, a dual-deck or bi-level car rack is used. To transport small cars, a triple-deck or tri-level car rack is used. A train carrying seventy autoracks can transport approximately thousands of vehicles simultaneously.
  2. Auto Transport: To transport or ship your vehicle as a fear. It is important for auto transporters to find financially sound, fully insured and reliable car haulers. National auto transport is becoming more convenient and affordable thanks to the emergence of smart, customer-focused vehicle transport companies.
  3. Car Hauler/Carrier – A company that provides vehicle transportation, also known as physical transport of cars, is called a car hauler/carrier.
  4. Semi-trailer for vehicle transport/car carrier: This semi-trailer is used to transport nine vehicles simultaneously. Hydraulically operated ramps can be used to operate some of these trailers. Every vehicle in this trailer is properly tied and blocked so it can safely be transported without any damage or dents. The trailer’s upper deck is used for large vehicles, while the lower deck houses cars that are less heavy.
  5. Enclosed auto transport is a type of car transport that is completely protected from rain, wind, and storm. This option is best for expensive cars. It protects your vehicle from road debris and other hazards.
  6. Local Move: This is when your car is picked up and delivered by the same auto transporter. If the distance between you and your destination is less than 200 miles, it is called local move.
  7. The Delivery Network is a type of network that connects ships, trains, and trucks used to transport your car. The car shipping that transports your car to its destination have a strong delivery network. This allows for efficient shipment of your vehicle to meet your customers’ needs in terms of time and cost.

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